Roman Villas & archaeology fieldwork

Villa Romana de Salar. An almost unknown archaeological treasure.

Visit and archaeology fieldwork with the archaeologist responsible for the site excavation ( 24 hours fieldwork). Participants will receive a Certificate from the local authorities acknowledging their participation and work during their visit.

“The archaeological excavations have uncovered an entire outer peristyle composed of a water pond ninfeo with U-shape and for a triclinium which is accessed from the courtyard of the house.

Around the atrium a corridor that serves as a transition between the atrium and the peristyle a different dimension develops. In the same atrium is documented part of the impluvium or central pond. All the ambulacrum extension has mosaic pavement while the walls are decorated with frescoes. East and west of the ambulacrum, the villa has two rooms of which their functionality is unknown.

The main dining room was paved by a polychrome geometric character mosaic while the wall sockets appear tiled of marble plaques and sectile opus.

Ninfeo within two statues they were recovered directly related to a monumental fountain. The sculptures are identified as nymphs and derive models afrodite of a Hellenistic era, especially the type of Venus Púdica, bearing a shell attribute of this goddess.”

We will also visit different Roman Villas found in Antequera, Málaga.

All inclusive 7 days archaeological fieldwork experience and Roman villas visit:

Arrival Sunday 19 June during the morning. Pick up from Málaga airport.
Departure Saturday 25 June after breakfast. Please book flights departing in the afternoon.

Sunday Day 1. Arrival, Visit to Villa Romana de Salar, presentation by Senior archaeologist, work duties distribution and work experience explanation (duration 3 hours)

Monday Day 2. Archaeological fieldwork in Villa Romana de Salar; field work to include digging and dusting. All tools such as trowels, wheel barrows, pick-axes, brooms, dust pans, brushes, buckets, etc will be supplied. (duration 6 hours)

Tuesday Day 3. Archaeological field work in Villa Romana de Salar field work to include laboratory related activities such as classification, cleaning and preparation for restoration. Detailed photographic data collection. (duration 6 hours)

Wednesday Day 4. Visit to Roman Villas in Antequera

Thursday Day 5. Recording of all week fieldwork activities, measurement of areas, report writing and workshop. If necessary more fieldwork will be included on this day. (duration 6 hours).
Certificates ceremony will take place this evening.

Friday Day 6. Visit to Granada´s Alhambra Palace and free afternoon

Saturday Day 7. Departure to Málaga airport after breakfast.


€980 per person in single accommodation.
€890 per person in shared accommodation.
Price includes:

Sunday 19 June:

  • Picking up from Málaga airport at 13:00 ( Granada airport pick up/drop off also available on request)
  • Accommodation at Cortijo Las Montoras.
  • Main meal at Cortijo Las Montoras.
  • Transport to and from Villa Romana de Salar
  • Supper.

Monday 20th, Tuesday 21st, and Thursday 23rd June:

  • Breakfast
  • Transport to and from Villa Romana de Salar
  • Lunch (main meal) either at Cortijo Las Montoras or a local bar.
  • Tuesday : Arab baths in the evening
  • Thursday: Monuments tour of the city of Alhama.
  • Supper.

Wednesday 22nd June:

  • Breakfast
  • Transport to and from Antequera
  • Visit to Antequera Roman Villas
  • Lunch (main meal) in Antequera.
  • Free evening.
  • Supper

Friday 24th June:

  • Breakfast
  • Transport to and from Granada Alhambra Palace.
  • Entry fee to Alhambra and Gardens of Generalife.
  • Transport to and from Alhama for a night out.

Saturday 25th June:

  • Breakfast
  • Transportation to Málaga airport leaving Cortijo Las Montoras at 9:30 am

( please book a flight leaving after 13:00 hrs)