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Cortijo Las Montoras is located in the Valley of Matajacas in Alhama de Granada. Located only 30 minutes away from the Natural Park of the Sierra de Tejeda, Almijara & Alhama, Cortijo Las Montoras is in the centre of an area with a variety of landscapes and habitats where biodiversity is the central theme in the natural environment.

Rivers, valleys, reservoirs, hills and mountains are within our reach, its landscapes vary from desert, forest, wetland, gorge, and of course the olive, almond, vegetable, fruit and cereal fields that surround us.

The sky, most of the year gives us a clear view of the horizon and with the spectacular clarity for those who like photography. At night, the sky has the most spectacular show of stars, including the Orion belt and the Milky Way. If you want, you can book the use of our telescope as our location offers a light pollution free sky.


The climate varies from winter with cold nights and warm days when the open fire becomes very handy, to the summer with hot days with fresh nights. The weather is perfect every season of the year.

The Comarca de Alhama, (the area within 40 minutes travel) has fascinating places for you to enjoy and we would like you to come and discover them.

Cortijo Las Montoras is a place that is recovering the environment around it which for many years has suffered abandonment and disrepair. We are carefully refurbishing each one of the old ruins of the architectural group to bring a new lease of life to it, keeping the traditional architecture and beauty of the buildings and to offer the comfort of modern living.

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