Our Flavors


The second best thing about traveling
Here in the Cortijo we provide our guests a complimentary breakfast or a completely customised private culinary experience. This includes ingredient purchasing, easy prep and rustic/restaurant style preparation and clean up.


Spices can transform a meal by adding a range of flavors, from a hint of sweetness to a kick of heat. They also give beautiful aromas that are often our first determining factor for whether we want to eat a meal or not. ENHANCE TASTE OF FOOD We always think of salt as our go-to when a meal tastes too bland, but there are other spices, like cumin, that bring out the natural flavors of food.

Seasonal Produce

Cooking with local, fresh seasonal vegetables and herbs is delicious, healthy, and easy to do with this convenient guide. We've broken down Spain into regions, so you can see the fruits and vegetables in season all year round. There is no shortage of delicious fall vegetables available in the Cortijo, including bulbs like fennel, garlic, leeks,and onions, all of which are perfect for seasoning dishes or making sauces. If your business serves a lot of salads, you'll also love the Cortijos's selection of arugula, carrots, cucumbers, kale, lettuce, mushrooms, peppers, salad greens, spinach, and tomatoes.

Dietary Requirements

We do not offer a set menu service. Although we would be happy to provide you with any suggestions of dishes, ingredient options or cooking styles, through personable communication with you regarding your culinary requests we will create a menu or experience that reflects both your group and/or your own pallette. With a wide range of experience in various cuisines we are happy to cater to your tastes, preferences and allergies.


We are interested in food and healthy cooking, as we become more and more aware of the environmental issues associated with this discourse. We recognise that food is affecting the social and territorial balance, both in our immediate and international environment.

*Additional fees may apply